The Inside Scoop: Our Event Season Recap

What have we been up to? | Issue 013

Hola Wolfpack Familia!

That’s a wrap! We have now finished up our busy event season in South America and are taking a moment to reflect on one heck of a 6 months. 

We kicked off in November with our first ever 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training event in the Sacred Valley of Peru, followed by two Plant Medicine retreats in Ecuador and then topped it off with our second Yoga Teacher Training event back in Peru once more. By the end of March, we had 70 new Breathe and Flow Yoga Academy graduates and two new beautiful medicine families.  🎓 🌵 

It’s the first time we have run big scale events since Ailo was born and it was such an exciting time for us as a family to have him be part of the adventure although we didn’t get to spend as much time with him. He had his own support team of incredible nannies while we worked ~16h/day during the events. Bre’s mama, our Medicine Man’s daughter Lua, and Ailo’s doula Naya. 🥰 During the months he has become obsessed with his soccer ball, learned new skills, and jumbled words from all three of his languages. In September, we were blessed when Bre’s mom came to live with us. She and Ailo have a very special bond as she was his main traveling nanny throughout the trip. They spent many days together playing and schnuggling. With the 100+ event attendees that became family, Ailo now has many aunties and uncles across the globe!

Here’s a little window into some of our Breathe and Flow Yoga Academy fun…this is the second cohort of amazing teachers who are now out in the world sharing their passion for yoga with their communities. A huge thank you to all of our students who trusted us enough to jet across the world and sign up for an intensive 3 weeks of study, training, and teaching. We couldn’t be more proud of the work they put in every day and the commitment and presence they demonstrated on and off the mat. Also shout out to the fab team at the stunning Willka T’ika Retreat Centre - we will never forget the warmth you brought to our experience with your chakra gardens, floral baths, despacho ceremonies, and those delicious plant based buffets…🤤 

Love and hugs also to everyone who joined us for our retreats in Ecuador. Our retreats are not for those looking for a couple of classes every day with some cocktails and sunbathing! We ground down, connect with nature and share a transformative week of yoga, plant medicine, breath work, ice baths, lectures and some serious deep diving inwards. Our retreats brought a whole new wave of energy to begin 2024 and we’re grateful for the many years of collaboration with incredible team of our Ayllu Medicina family allowing us to bring the two traditions of yoga and plant medicine together to help guide humans on the path of peace, dignity, love, and joy. Some of our YTT students even joined us straight from their training and so we ended up having an extended time together over the new year together in Ecuador. Many sunsets, card games, and special family dinners were spent near the beach with family and friends. ♥️

Although we’re are not planning any more in-person YTT events nor retreats for a couple of years, rest assured we will keep you updated here when we have more information. We do however have some pretty exciting projects and programs in the pipeline and are looking forward to sharing more with you all soon…🥳 ☕ If you are already part of our Wolfpack Platform then you’ll already be aware of some projects we are working on. Sign up if you want to join our exclusive monthly live community gatherings, have access to over 800 videos, a dozen programs, and more HERE! [hint: it costs less than a candle!] We’re going live today at 11a PDT so we hope to see you in a few hours 🚀

We are also excited that during our time away we filmed some new content and several new classes for our Wolfpack Membership Platform. Check out the new 80 Minute Mandala Practice With Bre (will definitely get your blood pumping before bringing you to peace with an extra special musical treat at the end). Flo’s new Yoga for Men | Episode 26 is on there too, as well as our THREE hour live YTT masterclass and some juicy new handstand drills to challenge those of you who enjoy being upside down!

We recently launched our new Pinterest account so you can dive into a world of inspiration and creativity to elevate your life. Scope out our page and save a few pins to inspire your community and spark interest in yoga (especially now that you know that yoga is sooo much more than becoming flexible - it’s a way of life).

We were thrilled to celebrate crashing through 1, 2, and 3 million subscribers on Youtube since September and are so grateful for your support and love. We filmed a special thank you video for all of our awesome supporters and team and even since filming it we are now close to topping 4 million which is insane! 🤯 The journey has been long, rewarding, challenging, exhausting, energizing, and transformative; thanks for being with us through the early years!

Every challenge presents an opportunity for transformation.

We are so thankful and honored to get the opportunity to share our practice and to work with some really special, gifted individuals along our pathway. It wasn’t always an easy ride for us and reflecting on our journey recently has given us so much gratitude for where we are today. We couldn’t do it without you guys and as we grow we are excited to have more people jumping on the Breathe and Flow train!

Scope out the 2023 YTT, 2024 YTT, and both YTT1 and YTT2 IG highlights for behind the scenes of how the events really felt! 

Thanks for being here, for practicing with us and for trusting us to be your yoga teachers. We see it as a privilege that you welcome us into your homes and allow us to guide you through your practice. We look forward to seeing more of you face-to-face (or at least screen-to-screen!) over the coming months. Until then, join us on the Wolfpack Platform where we add new, exclusive classes all the time for you to enjoy. You can also connect with fellow Breathe and Flow yogis on our Discord channel.

Thank you for every comment, every good wish, every action of reaching out to connect with us across the world. We truly feel like we are adding to our global community every day and this gives us so much energy to keep moving forwards on the path. We’re grateful to be home again in the Mojave Desert to focus our energy on some massive projects in the coming months.

With so much love and long distance hugs, 

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