To Another Level 💪🏼🚀❤️

We have launched something exciting!

Good morning and good evening,

We hope this letter finds you energized and ready for a new chapter because we have some very exciting news for you. After nearly a year of researching, designing, filming, editing, organizing, testing, jumping up and down with joy and, of course, lots of love…

With over 700 downloadable videos ranging from 5 min to 3 hours for beginner to advanced yogis, monthly video satsang community gatherings, and new exclusive content every month, this is the ONLY online yoga membership you will ever need. The library includes all our videos from YouTube (ad-free!) along with over one hundred exclusive videos available only with this membership.

We believe that yoga is a transformative healing system for enhancing health and happiness as it infuses purpose, strength, and awareness into your life. Our approach to teaching is holistic, functional, strong, diverse, and authentic. We live and breathe what we teach because we can feel the difference it makes to ourselves and the world around us.

As you know, we have been creating exclusive content on our Patreon platform and free content for our Youtube channel for years and we are so thankful for the one million+ subscribers we have there! 🙏 But, we also know these sites can be hard to navigate and create your own personal yoga journey. With our platform, we want to unlock our years of experience and offer guidance and knowledge in a way which gives you more ownership and helps you to curate your personal pathway into a yoga-enriched lifestyle.

We have collated years of feedback and requests from you - our beloved Wolfpack - and worked hard to find a provider who could give you everything you want from an online platform. As behaviorist BJ Fogg advises ‘help people do what they already want to do” so, with that in mind we have implemented dozens of features to make the journey on our platform intuitive, robust, seamless and smooth. We want to make it a breeze for you to find the perfect class and practice, while also inspiring you to explore new experiences on and off the mat.

Some of the new features we know you’ll love include being able to:

⚡️ Filter videos based on category, style, length, and teacher so you can effortlessly find the perfect practice.

⚡️ Track your completed video history and recently watched videos.

⚡️ With the same login credentials, you can access the content on several devices including: all browsers, Apple iOS, Android, Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV, Chromecast, and AirPlay.

⚡️ Create a personal calendar and get reminders to practice.

⚡️ On the Apple iOS & Android mobile app, you can download videos and audio tracks for offline play and you can create your own custom playlists so you can save your favorite classes.

In a nutshell, it's absolute dynamite! 🔥💥

Our hope is that these personalized features will support you to build a consistent practice which connects all of the elements you need in your own pathway. Big shout out and thank you to our lovely band of Wolfpack Beta Testers who have been submitting feedback and insights about these features and about their overall user experience over the past few weeks. We have many exciting feature requests on the roadmap as we continue to work with our developers. 🔥

Yoga is the path and the goal.

It's the commitment to showing up, day after day, that fuels transformation. Consistency is the key and routine is the path.

We're over the moon to embark on this next monumental step with you, propelling Breathe and Flow to greater heights and continuing to share the magic of yoga with the world. As our content continuously grows, you can be sure that you're on a path of constant exploration and learning.

Thank you for being a part of the Breathe and Flow Wolfpack family. Let's continue to learn, inspire, and evolve together. 🐺🙏💙

With lots of big hugs, love, and gratitude,

P.S In case you have any questions, we’ve answered a few already for you here from our FAQ section:

  1. Is this platform so smooth that I'll slide off my yoga mat? Well, it is pretty slick, but not if you clean your mat properly…

  2. Can I pay my subscription in sun salutations? Certainly, when our bills can be paid in them too 😁 ☀️

  3. Can I flow from my smartphone, tablet, and laptop simultaneously? I've always wanted to achieve the 'Triple Screen Handstand” If you work out how to do this, tag us in the vid and share it!

  4. Is there a "Yoga for Pets" section? My dog's interested. For now it’s just Downward Dogs only but your pooch can enjoy the vibes… 🐶

  5. Will the platform magically teleport me to Bali for my practice? Aaaahhh, Bali 🌴, sorry what did you ask?

Just kidding, all of our FAQ, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are at the bottom of the platform website 😜 

Brain Food Recommendations

Establishing a daily practice is the key to transformation. Being consistent is all about healthy habits. If you need a little inspiration and a reminder that thanks to neuroplasticity we can establish daily practices in just about anything, we recommend reading or listening to "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.

It’s a practical guide to understanding and transforming your habits, focusing on making small, consistent changes in your daily routines to create positive, atomic-level changes for a more fulfilling life.

Make good habits, break bad ones…

☕️ Morning Coffee Positive Press ☕️

It’s not NEW but it is TRUE…we were built to move and the benefits of a regular movement practice are huge and varied. Rich Roll chats to health psychologist Kelly McGonigal about how movement influences your mental health and resilience.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably already smashing your daily practice. 😜 Keep it up and we’ll see you on the mat tomorrow. 🚀❤️