The Key to Meaningful Productivity

Do Less, Better | Issue 015

Hello time and space traveler and thank you for being here, investing in yourself for these next 5 minutes out of the 1440 you’ve been given today.

Time is both precious and also a complete illusion; we want to use it wisely but also to enjoy the present moment and not worry about the passing of time at all. Today, we want to explore the art of being productive without succumbing to stress, overwhelm, and burnout.

We are quite a busy little team at Breathe and Flow headquarters and especially since Ailo joined the family, we have been learning how to flow together in a different way. We have embraced the puzzle of finding ways to structure our days to include our filming schedules, event planning, social media, laptop work, team syncs, personal routines, and of course, spending time with our family, friends, and one another! There are a few things which we find useful when tackling what can sometimes feel like a juggling act. So, let’s get straight to it and dive into how we can master the elusive skill of being ‘productive’ while avoiding overwhelm. 🤓

What is true productivity?

First things first, let’s look at how we view work and productivity in our lives. Productivity is often associated with constant busyness and the pressure to do more things. However, true productivity isn’t simply checking off tasks on a never-ending to-do list. Work (and by this we mean anything you do which involves mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result) is an opportunity to integrate the mind, body, and spirit to create value.

When you view work in this way, it becomes more enjoyable and something which actually energizes you rather than drains you. We’re not saying that you’ll be dancing around the room with joy when it’s time to complete your tax return, but it will become less of a drag if you can see how it links to the bigger picture of the what you are working on. If you want to build a castle, you have to lay thousands of bricks, a task which may feel never ending. But, each small, perhaps unexciting action contributes to the creation of something magnificent and valuable; every brick laid carefully will hold the castle in place for years to come.

Once you find work which resonates with your purpose and brings you meaning, (see our previous issue on following your inner curiosity) it’s about finding a balance between work tasks, personal life, and spiritual practices to ensure overall well-being and happiness. So how do we do it?! Read on to find out!

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